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Type a positive thickness of the ply for the material you are defining. The thickness may be zero, in which case Creo Simulate ignores the layer.
* The sub-laminate thickness may depend on the current values of parameters.
The entry box for thickness is parameter-capable. Right-click in the Thickness field of the Shell Property Definition dialog box and select Parameter from the menu.
When Creo Simulate creates the shell elements for the plies, it calculates the total, combined thickness of all the plies and applies the plies so that the total thickness is distributed equally on both sides of the selected surface. For example, let us say you specify three plies with thicknesses as follows:
Ply 1 thickness = 2
Ply 2 thickness = 7
Ply 3 thickness = 4
In this case, the total thickness of all three plies is 13 so Creo Simulate places 6.5 of the thickness on the top of the surface and 6.5 on the bottom. Thus, 4.5 of ply 2's thickness lies atop the surface and 2.5 of ply 2's thickness lies below.
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