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The Mooney-Rivlin material model is described in terms of the strain energy potential, W, as follows:
where , , and are material constants.
You can use materials constants to calculate the initial shear modulus as follows:
You can also calculate initial bulk modulus for the material as follows:
Here is the first deviatoric strain invariant and is the second deviatoric strain invariant.
When you select Mooney-Rivlin material model to define the hyperelastic material, you must specify values for , , and .
For materials that are nearly incompressible, Creo Simulate uses incompressibility conditions. If the specified value of is less than, Creo Simulate uses following value of during analysis:
where G is the initial shear modulus.
Creo Simulate calculates these constants when you select Mooney-Rivlin material model on the Hyperelastic Material Definition dialog box. If you create only the Planar test in the test area of the Hyperelastic Material Definition dialog box, Creo Simulate can not calculate these constants for Mooney-Rivlin material model. You must create a Uniaxial test or Equibiaxial test.
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