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Shear DY, Shear DZ
Enter these values on the Beam Section Definition dialog box to specify the distance between shear center (the point on a beam section about which the section rotates under deflection) and the centroid of the beam section, with respect to the principal axes.
The values for these properties are relevant for non-doubly-symmetric beam sections (those that are not symmetrical about two normal axes). For many standard beam sections types such as square and rectangle, the shear center and the beam centroid are the same.
For channel, thin sketched, and L-sections, Creo Simulate calculates these values automatically. For general and solid sketched beam sections, you need to calculate the values yourself and specify them on the dialog box.
You can load a beam directly through its shear center, eliminating torsion from the element's behavior, by aligning the section to the assigning curve. To do this, you can use the Beam Orientation functionality to apply beam offsets. You can view the offset distances to enter for beam orientation when you review beam section properties. Note that the values given on this review for Shear Center are reported with respect to the BCPCS. Alternatively, you can select the Shear Center option on the Beam Orientation Definition dialog box and leave the offset values set to zero.