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Assign a Material
Be aware of the following when assigning a material:
Material assignment is handled differently, depending on whether you are working in part mode or assembly mode.
Click Home > Material Assignment to assign materials to components and volume regions.
Use the Beam Definition and Shell Definition dialog boxes to assign materials to beams and shells, respectively. The Material Properties section on the Shell Pair Definition dialog box lets you assign materials to shell pairs.
You can assign a material to a shell pair that is different from the material that you assign to the part.
To add a material from the material library to your model, select a material on the library list and click .
To edit the properties of a material, click to open the Material Definition dialog box where you can change any property.
To verify a material assignment, select a material on the Materials in Model list and review the highlighted part or geometry.
After you add materials to your model, Creo Simulate lists those materials on the Model Tree. If you select the material on the Model Tree, Creo Simulate highlights the part or surface to which it is assigned. A material is indirectly assigned to a surface if the material is assigned to shell idealization and the shell’s geometric reference is the surface. For example, if you select bronze on the Model Tree, Creo Simulate highlights every part or surface that is bronze.