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To Define Shell Properties
1. Click Refine Model and then click the arrow next to Shell. Click Shell Properties. Alternately click More on the Shell Definition dialog box. The Shell Properties dialog box appears.
2. Click New. The Shell Property Definition dialog box appears.
3. Type a name, or accept the default name.
4. Optionally, type a description.
5. Select one of the following property types. The items on the dialog box change depending upon your selection.
Laminate Layup
Laminate Stiffness
6. If you select Homogeneous, type a positive real number or a parameter name for the thickness.
7. Select a unit of thickness from the adjacent drop-down list.
8. If you select Laminate Stiffness or Laminate Layup, fill out the information on the dialog box.
9. Click OK to accept your definition, or click Cancel to discard your changes and close the dialog box.