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Property Type
Use these items in the Shell Property Definition dialog box to select the type of shell properties you want to define:
Homogeneous, Laminate Stiffness, Laminate Layup—Select whether you want to define a homogeneous, laminate stiffness, or laminate layup shell property. In the Thermal mode, Laminate Stiffness is unavailable. If your model is 2D, this menu does not appear.
You can use either laminate stiffness or laminate layup if you want to model a shell that is comprised of layers, or plies. The laminate stiffness version of the dialog box depends on matrix terms that describe stiffness and bending components for the laminate. The laminate layup version of the dialog box requires material properties, thickness, and orientation for each ply of a laminate, and allows you to review the stiffness components calculated from the ply specification.
The items on the remainder of the dialog box are different depending on which property you select. Click the following links for more information:
Laminate Stiffness
Laminate Layup