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Edge Distribution
Click Refine Model and then click the arrow next to Control. Click Edge Distribution. The Edge Distribution Control dialog box opens. Use this control to specify the number of nodes and their placement intervals along curves or surface edges. Creo Simulate uses the specified number of nodes when creating elements in a mesh. By specifying the number of nodes on curves or surface edges, you control the number of nodes for a beam, shell, and solid element.
* The edge distribution you define at the part or assembly component level remains active and visible at the assembly level.
Specify the following information on the Edge Distribution Control dialog box:
Name—Specify the name for the AutoGEM control or use the default name.
References—Select one or more curves or edges or intent chains for AutoGEM control. Creo Simulate displays an arrow on the specified edge to indicate the direction of node distribution. To reverse the direction of node distribution, select the same edge or curve again.
Number of Nodes—Specify the number of nodes along the selected edge or curve. If you specify an insufficient number of nodes, Creo Simulate may increase the number of nodes based on the requirement and complexity of the model geometry.
The value that you specify in the Number of Nodes field overrides the Insert Points setting on the Settings Tab of the AutoGEM Settings dialog box.
First/Last Nodal Interval Ratio—Select this option to specify the ratio of the first interval on the edge or curve to the last interval on the edge or curve. For example, if you enter 3 as the ratio, the last interval is 3 times the length of the first interval. Creo Simulate places the intermediate nodes at graduating intervals proportional to the ratio. If you enter a ratio of 1, all the intervals are equidistant. This is a parameter capable field. You can specify a parameter name instead of a number.
Prevent Additional Nodes—Ensure that the number of nodes that AutoGEM creates is exactly the same as specified in the AutoGEM control. If you have not specified a sufficient number of nodes, Creo Simulate displays a warning and may insert additional nodes based on meshing requirements.
* Selecting this option can cause AutoGEM to fail, thus you should select this option only if it is absolutely necessary.
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