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Intent Objects
Intent objects are powerful Creo Parametric features that are automatically created based on the model geometry. Intent objects are families of associated points, curves, edges or surfaces that logically define boundaries of geometry created or modified by a feature. Intent objects are regenerated for even small changes, such as modifications in the sketch.
You can manually create intent objects in Creo Simulate using the Datum Reference tool.
Creo Simulate allows you to select intent objects as References when creating simulation modeling objects in which surfaces, edges, curves, or points are available for selection. To select intent objects, select Intent on the References collector. You can pick datum reference features from the Model Tree or directly select intent objects on the model. You can select automatically created intent objects or manually created datum references, or both. Creo Simulate allows you to select multiple intent objects for a single simulation modeling object. You can select an intent object with a single click.
For patterned geometry created in Creo Parametric you can create a patterned datum reference feature of intent surfaces and intent chains on the pattern. For example, if you have a pattern of holes, you can create a datum reference feature of all the inner surfaces or edges of the holes in the pattern. You can then apply a simulation entity such as a pressure load to all the surfaces or edges of the pattern with a single mouse click.
When you select an automatically generated intent object, and if the model geometry is updated, loads applied to the intent object are also accordingly updated .
When you switch from the intent to the individual mode of selection, all previously selected references are separated.
When you switch from individual to intent mode of geometry selection, all previously selected references are destroyed.
Refer to the Part Modeling Help for more information on datum reference features and intent objects.