Creo Simulate > Modeling Structure and Thermal Problems > Meshes > Native Mode Meshes > Applying AutoGEM Settings > AutoGEM Settings Dialog Box > Settings Tab
Settings Tab
The tab displays these options:
Insert points—Add extra points when needed to complete a valid mesh.
Move or delete existing points—Move or delete existing points when needed to optimize the element configuration for your model.
Modify or delete existing elements—Modify or delete existing elements to improve or complete element creation.
Automatic interrupt—Stop AutoGEM automatically after it creates a specified percentage of elements.
Ignore unpaired surfaces—Unpaired surfaces are excluded from the mesh.
Remove unopposed surfaces—Unopposed surfaces are excluded from the mesh.
Create automatic thin solids—Automatically detect and create thin solids. When this check-box is selected, thin solids are created between all opposing surfaces that are almost parallel to each other. Brick and wedge type elements are created during meshing of the model.
Automatic Interrupt—Automatically stop mesh generation after a specified percentage of elements are created in the model if this check-box is selected. By default, the percentage completion is 95.5 %.
Create links where needed—Create links when needed to connect shell elements to solid elements or solid quadrilateral faces to solid triangular faces.
Create bonding elements—Create bonding elements to link the parts in an assembly. Creo Simulate selects this check box by default. Clear this check box if you do not want to create bonding elements in an assembly model during AutoGEM meshing.
Detailed fillet modeling—Create a greater number of elements near fillets to produce smoother fringe plots.
Display AutoGEM prompts—Display the prompts or messages boxes which require some action or confirmation to continue meshing. Even if you clear this option, Creo Simulate writes the error, warning and information messages to the Diagnostics dialog box and AutoGEM log file.
Element types—Create different types of elements: