Creo Simulate > Modeling Structure and Thermal Problems > Measures > Measures Definition Dialog Box > Define Measures in Structure > Measure Quantities > Moment of Inertia
Moment of Inertia
Use Moment of Inertia to measure the moment of inertia relative to either the current coordinate system or the principal inertial axes of the model.
When you select Moment of Inertia, the Quantity area of the Measure Definition dialog box expands displaying the following options:
Center of Mass
The Component option menu also appears when you select Moment of Inertia. Use the Component option menu to select a component of your quantity from this option menu:
Max Principal
Mid Principal
Min Principal
Note that Creo Simulate does not report Max Principal, Mid Principal, and Min Principal in the summary file for analysis. For the options XX, YY, ZZ, XY, XZ, or YZ, select a coordinate system relative to which you define the measure. The default coordinate system is the WCS. You can use the arrow button to select a UCS.
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