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About Simulation Measures
Use Home > Measure to create and assign native mode measures. Used properly, measures serve as a powerful tool for analyzing your model's behavior. A measure is a scalar quantity of interest that Creo Simulate calculates during analyses and design studies.
During analysis, you can use measures to monitor your model's performance in terms of particular engineering criteria. For example, if you were interested in studying the ability of an aluminum connector to withstand pull, you might use maximum von Mises stress as a measure. This measure would provide information on whether the aluminum yielded under the conditions simulated during the analysis.
See Uses of Measures for more information on the wide range of functions for which you can use measures.
See these topics for information on creating measures:
Measure Basics—fundamentals you should know before you start
Measures Dialog Box—the dialog box that opens when you click Home > Measure. You use it to create, edit, delete, and copy measures. This dialog box also opens when you are defining analyses, design studies, or a result window. Use it to review and select measures.
For additional information on measures, see the topic: Results Available for Measures—the types of measure results you can access for different types of design studies