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Measure Definition Dialog Box
The Measure Definition dialog box opens when you click the New or Edit buttons on the Measures dialog box. Use the Measure Definition dialog box to create or edit measures.
The Measure Definition dialog box provides a top-down approach to defining your measure. Depending on whether you are running Structure or Thermal, different quantities are available for your selection at the top of the dialog box. Selecting a quantity type and making other selections at the top determines what additional options and areas become active or inactive. The dialog box lets you select only valid combinations.
The Measure Definition dialog box contains the following main areas:
Name—Enter a name for the measure.
Details—Click this button to display the Description and allowables entry boxes. In the Description box, you can enter any valid information about your measure. Use the allowables boxes to specify the minimum and maximum allowables for your measure. When running an analysis or study, Creo Simulate outputs the allowables to the .rpt file.
Quantity—Select the quantity for which you define your measure. This option menu displays only the quantities that are valid for the specific mode you are using. The quantity you select determines what other items appear on the dialog box.
Valid for Analysis Types—This non editable field lists analyses for which Creo Simulate calculates the measure you define.
Visible at Higher Level—Select this check box if you are working on the part level and want Creo Simulate to display and calculate the measure you are creating during any work you do on the assembly level. If you do not select this check box, this part level measure is ignored when you switch to the assembly.
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