Creo Simulate > Modeling Structure and Thermal Problems > Measures > Measures Definition Dialog Box > Define Measures in Thermal > Heat Flux, Temperature Gradient
Heat Flux, Temperature Gradient
Use heat flux or temperature gradient measures to measure heat flux or temperature gradient in terms of magnitude or component direction.
Specify information for the following items that appear on the Measure Definition dialog box after you select Heat Flux or Temperature Gradient as the quantity:
Component—Select a component from this option menu. This menu contains the following items:
For the options X, Y, or Z, select a coordinate system relative to which you define the measure. The default coordinate system is the WCS. You can use the arrow button to select a UCS.
Spatial Evaluation—Select a spatial evaluation method for your quantity from this option menu. Your selection determines the type of value Creo Simulate calculates for your quantity.
Time Eval—Activate the optional Dynamic Evaluation menu, which you use to specify the time evaluation method.
If you select Time Eval, Creo Simulate calculates the measure for transient thermal analyses. If you do not select Time Eval, Creo Simulate calculates the measure for steady-state thermal analyses.
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