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Load Preview Dialog Box
You can preview external pressure loads, and external convection conditions in Thermal before you apply them to a model or assembly in the native mode. Use the Load Preview dialog box, to customize the load preview.
You can select one or more of the following options to specify how you want to display the load:
Vectors—vectors depicting the load are shown at the surfaces at which load is applied.
Fringe—a continuous tone interpolation of user-defined accuracy.
Fringe is the default selection. The sim_loadpreview configuration option can be used to change the default.
* Vectors and Fringe are not available for external temperature loads in the Structural mode.
External field edges—colored lines representing triangular or quadrilateral edges or both.
External field nodes—colored circles representing nodes of the external field. The circles are not to scale. That is, zooming in or out does not change their size.
When you select Vectors or Fringe, or both, you can edit the Sampling Density option on the Load Preview dialog box. The value you set using the slider or by typing it in the Sampling Density area defines the display density of the vectors and the accuracy of the fringe. For example, if you specify a value of 20, the display fringe is accurate at a grid of 20x20 points on the selected surface.
The colors of the displayed fringe and the external field nodes represent the loads. You can change the preview colors in the Color Scale dialog box that opens when you select Fringe or External field nodes, or both, in the Load Preview dialog box.
The load preview is not visible unless the display style is set to wireframe mode when the nodes of the imported coefficient mesh lie inside the solid model.
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