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Color Scale
When you select Fringe or External field nodes in the Load Preview dialog box, Creo Simulate displays a preview of the applied load on the model and the Color Scale dialog box opens. Use this dialog box to modify the color scale of the fringe. The modified settings also apply to the external field edges preview option.
The color legend is depicted in the Color Scale dialog box as a spectrum. Move the slider displayed on the left of the spectrum to change the scale. Alternatively, specify the maximum or minimum values, or both, to replace the existing extreme values of the spectrum.
In the Settings area select one of the following spectrum styles:
—Gradient 3 color plot. Use the color wheel to select the values of the three colors.
—Displays the color scale as a continuous plot.
—Displays the color scale as a non-continuous plot. Specify the number of colors to display in the Number area.
Select one of the following options in the Ramp area to customize the rainbow and gradient styles:
—Displays the color plot with a linear scale.
—Displays the color plot with a logarithmic scale. If you select this option, you must specify the Base.
The color tone is Continuous by default. Clear the Continuous check box if you do not want a continuous color scale. The Number spinbox appears when you clear the Continuous check box. Specify the number of colors you want in the spectrum. The number you specify must be in the range 3 to 1023.
You can further customize the gradient style by specifying the maximum and minimum values of the gradation. Specify the relevant values in the available fields. Alternatively, click the buttons that display the colors of the maximum and minimum values to select colors in the Color Editor dialog box that opens.
At any point you can click Default to restore the default settings.
Refer to the Photorealistic Rendering Help for more information on the color editor.
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