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External Data for Convection Conditions
In the native mode, you can use External File Data option to specify the Spatial Variation of the convection coefficient or bulk temperature. This option is available when you define the convection condition for a surface. This option is not available for 2D models. This option is not available in FEM mode.
When you select this option, you must specify the name and location of the external FNF file that contains data for import. Use the following options to provide the required information:
CSYS—The data in the FNF file is interpreted with respect to the WCS by default. Creo Simulate selects the option, World by default. Select the Selected option to change the reference coordinate system from the WCS to UCS. Use the selector arrow to select a UCS so that the data in the FNF file maps correctly to your model. This reference is valid only for Cartesian coordinate systems.
File—Use the selection button to browse for and select the name of the FNF file you want to import.
When you click OK, Creo Simulate verifies file name or the content of the FNF file. Creo Simulate performs a simple test on the FNF file to check that it has a mesh and the required load.
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