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FNF Files in Product Data Management
You can define external pressure loads, temperature loads with external temperature fields or external convection conditions by importing FEM Neutral Files (FNF) files. If you use an external fnf file to create an analysis, Creo Simulate saves the FNF file along in the study directory.
If you are working online and you use an FNF file to define one of these loads, when you save the model to the PDM workspace, Creo Simulate saves the fnf file as secondary content of the model in the workspace.
When you require a preview of the fnf file, Creo Simulate searches for the file in the following locations in the order of precedence:
1. PDM workspace (only if online)
2. original location of the fnf file (The absolute or relative path as defined in the load dialog box)
3. current working directory
4. model location
5. repository directory set by the configuration option sim_ext_distribution_dir
* In the online mode, the FNF file preview gives precedence to the file in the workspace over the original location of the file. The file in the workspace is displayed instead of the file at the location specified in the dialog box.
* When you save the model and the fnf files in the workspace are updated with new versions from the referenced locations, the dialog works consistently and the distribution previewed is identical to the one referenced.