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Working in Online and Offline Modes in Creo Simulate
Click File > Manage Session > Server Manager to connect to the Windchill Product Data Management (PDM) system.
The PDM system provides you with a private area for managing your work while working with other designers. This area is called the workspace. The workspace allows you to track and change multiple objects and perform basic data management operations from within the Creo Simulate user interface. While in Creo Simulate you can use the workspaces in either online or offline mode.
You can work in the online mode when connected to the Windchill server.
You can work in the Windchill workspaces in offline mode when not connected to the server. In offline mode, the workspace is made available in your local cache. Data from the local workspace is transferred to the workspace on the server when the server is connected.
Refer to the Data Management Help for more information on workspaces, registering servers and working online and offline.