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To Create Datum References
1. Click Refine Model > Datum > Reference. The Datum Reference dialog box opens.
2. From the Type drop down list, select the type of reference that you want to create.
3. Select the Intent Name check box and enter a descriptive name for the design intent object in the Intent edit box. You can use this name in the Search tool to search for a particular intent object. Specify the Instance to be created.
4. Select the required points, surfaces, curves or chains on the model or the Model Tree. You can select the geometry before opening the dialog box. Your selections are displayed in the Placement tab.
5. Click OK.
* To edit a feature you created you can right click it on the Model Tree and use the Edit Definition command. However, you cannot change the Type of datum reference created.
Refer to the Part Modeling Help for more information on datum reference features and intent objects.