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Online Help for Simulate
The online help provides extensive reference information on each menu and command. Help topics also guide you through many of the tasks you need to complete as you work with your models.
To open the Online Help Center you can use one of the following methods:
Click File > Help > Simulate Help or by clicking to launch the Online Help Center.
Click to launch the Online Help Center.
Place the cursor over a dialog box or button and then press the F1 key to invoke context sensitive help for that functionality.
Online help offers help on the following subjects:
Getting Started—Introduces the Creo Simulate product line, workflow, operating modes, user interface tools, and online documents. This area of online help also provides planning and modeling considerations and configuration file options.
Modeling—Explains all aspects of modeling in Creo Simulate. This area covers loads, constraints, idealizations, connections, properties, features and meshing, and measures for both native and FEM modes.
Analyses and Design Studies—Details each type of analysis and design study you can run in Creo Simulate. This area of online help also provides instructions for performing a run.
Results—Explains the commands you use to obtain and customize the results of analyses and design studies.
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