Creo Simulate > Creating Analyses > Thermal Analysis > Transient Thermal Analysis > To Create a Transient Thermal Analysis
To Create a Transient Thermal Analysis
1. Click Home > Analyses and Studies. The Analyses and Design Studies dialog box opens.
2. Click File > New Transient Thermal in the dialog box. The Transient Thermal Analysis Definition dialog box opens.
3. Type a name for the analysis. A description is optional.
4. If you want to include boundary conditions in your thermal analysis, select a boundary condition set. To select more than one boundary condition sets, click the Combine Constraint Sets check box. If you do not select a boundary condition set, you must select at least one heat load set.
5. If you want to include heat loads in your analysis, select one or more heat load sets. At least one heat load set is required if you have not selected a boundary condition set. Creo Simulate sums the load sets and computes one time-dependent solution.
6. Click the following tabs on the dialog box to select additional options for a transient thermal analysis.
Excluded Elements
7. Click OK.
The Analyses and Design Studiesdialog box reappears with the name and type of the new analysis displayed.