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To Select Temperature Options for a Transient Thermal Analysis
This procedure assumes you are in the Transient Thermal Analysis Definition dialog box.
1. Click the Temperatures tab on the analysis dialog box.
2. Select an option for Initial TemperatureUniform or MecT.
3. If you selected Uniform, enter the temperature in the Temperature field. If there are any prescribed temperatures in the constraint set, you must enter the same value as the prescribed temperature.
4. If you selected MecT and want to use temperature results from a previously run steady thermal analysis, you can select the check box Use temperatures from previous design study.
If you do not select this check box, Creo Simulate will run a steady thermal analysis as part of running the transient thermal analysis.
5. If you selected Use temperatures from previous design study, select the following items to include in your transient thermal analysis:
Design Study (if applicable)
Thermal Analysis
Load Set
6. Enter a value for Accuracy.
7. Enter a value for Estimated Variation of the temperature or select the Auto check box.
8. Use the default selection Automatically smooth convections so that convection conditions will be turned on gradually, or you can deselect this item.
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