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To Create Connection Reaction Measures
1. Click Measures. The Measure Results dialog box opens.
2. Click . The Measure Definition dialog box opens.
3. Type a descriptive name for your measure, or accept the default name. You can create measures for joints, slots, cams, gear pairs, belts and 3D contacts.
4. Select Connection reaction under Type.
5. Select a connection. Its name appears in the Connection collector. The units you can set for the reaction measure are displayed in blue next to the list of measures under Type. The force or moment that you can measure for the connection appears in the list under Component.
* To reliably select a particular connection, use query mode.
6. Select a component from the list. A shaded arrow appears on your model indicating the direction of the selected component.
7. Select an evaluation method.
8. Click OK.
9. Graph the measure.