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About the Key Frame Sequence Dialog Box
Use this dialog box to create or edit a key frame sequence. You can add or remove key frames, change the times and locations of bodies in snapshots, and change the reference body and body status for the entire sequence.
This dialog box contains the following items:
Reference Body—Click the Reference Body arrow, then select a body on your assembly. All bodies whose status is desired or required in the sequence (specified under the Bodies tab) will be located relative to this body. When the reference body moves, the other bodies will move relative to it as specified by the key frame locations.
By default, the reference body is Ground. Most key frame sequences should keep Ground as the reference body. You may want to change the reference body from Ground if the reference body will be used in two places.
Sequence—Create the sequence by selecting or creating the snapshots to include. You can also preview the snapshot and change the time of the snapshot in the sequence.
Bodies—Specify the status of the location of the bodies that are included in the key frame sequence.
Regenerate—Select to regenerate the key frame sequence. If you changed any constraints on parts that are included in a key frame sequence, you should regenerate the sequence so Design Animation can update locations based on these changes.