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About Key Frame Sequences
A key frame sequence is made up of a series of snapshots of your assembly in a succession of positions and at specific times. The system interpolates between the snapshots to create a smooth animation.
Click Key Frame Sequence to open the Key Frame Sequence dialog box and create a new key frame sequence. Use it to select a reference body, take snapshots, and arrange them into a key frame sequence. When you create a new key frame sequence, it is automatically included on the timeline.
Click Manage Key Frame Sequences to open the Manage Key Frame Sequences dialog box. Use it to modify existing key frame sequences.
You can include a key frame sequence in an animation multiple times in different locations. A key frame sequence included in an animation is called a key frame sequence instance. When you edit a key frame sequence, all instances of that sequence are updated. If you want to make a change to a key frame sequence without changing the original sequence, make a copy of the original and edit the copy. Then you can include an instance of the copy in the timeline.