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About the Bodies Tab on the Key Frame Sequence Dialog Box
Use this tab to set the location status of bodies that are included in the key frame sequence. The status is valid for the entire sequence. You can change the status individually or for multiple bodies.
Body status determines the priority of the key frame sequence. For example, if two key frame sequences are active at the same time, and body status is set to Desired in the first sequence and Required in the second sequence, only the frame with the Required body status will be applied.
* Servo motor movement always takes precedence over body status.
Select one of the following options to set body status:
Unspecified—The body's position is arbitrary and may be controlled by other servo motors or key frame sequences.
Desired—The body has priority and will retain this position.
Required—The body will remain as close to this position as possible, but may move based on the movement of any servo motor or other key frame sequence.
When running the animation, if the bodies do not move to the correct position, especially at key frames, change the body status to Desired.