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Pipeline Parameters
Every pipeline has a set of associated parameters, in addition to the parameters in the referenced line stock, that apply to that individual pipeline. You may write the pipeline parameters to a file and may include system parameters (such as the name of the line parameter file and fluid or gas type), as well as user-defined parameters.
The values for the pipeline parameters that you write to the file automatically define the parameter types such as string, integer, or double. This is valid for the pipeline, line stock, and insulation parameters.
To Create User Defined Pipeline Parameters
1. Click Modify.The Modify Pipeline dialog box opens.
2. Click Parameters and then under Pipe Line Parameters click Pipe Line. The Edit Pipeline dialog box opens.
3. Select a pipeline from the drop-down list box.
4. In the User Defined Parameters boxes, type a new name and value.
5. Click to add the parameter to the list. The new parameter is applied to the pipeline.
6. Select a parameter and click to remove it.
7. Click OK.
8. Click Save to save the parameter list as a Pipe Line (PPL) file.
9. Click Open to retrieve a parameter file.