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Bend Parameters
Bend parameters are parameters that determine the size of pipe bends in an assembly.
To Create Bend Parameters in a Pipeline Segment
1. Click Modify. The Modify Pipeline dialog box opens.
2. Under Modify Options click Parameters and then under Parameters click Bend Parameters > Bend. The Bend Parameters window opens.
3. Expand the view of the Bend Parameters window by choosing View > Expand All, or select a different view option.
4. Click to select one or more bends from the active assembly on the screen, or choose one or more bends directly from the list in the dialog box.
5. Click Edit > Columns > Add/Remove. Only selected bends are available for editing. The Bend Parameters Columns dialog box opens.
6. Make the following changes, as necessary:
Add parameters to the bend by specifying a value in the column for the appropriate parameter.
Add columns to the table to include new parameters.
Delete parameters from the bend by removing the parameter value, or from all bends by selecting all bends and then removing the entire column.
Rename parameters by editing the column heading, and rename the parameter values by editing the table cells.
7. To update the bend parameters, click Apply. To update and exit, click OK.