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About Pipe Spool Drawing Generation
The pipe spool drawings are generated using the ISOGEN interface. The ISOGEN interface uses an intermediate .pcf (Piping Component file) file and Data Control files to generate the pipe spool drawings in various standard data formats.
You must first set the ISOGEN configuration options to use the ISOGEN interface generation tool.
The isogen_pcf_filename_format configuration option when set to SPOOLNUM controls the name format of the .pcf files that are generated after you create spool drawings. If a filename has more than one spool and you select a pipeline for generating the spool drawing, SPOOLNUM allots the spool numbers in the ascending order.
* A pipeline is split into several small pieces called pipe pieces or spools. The pipe spool (or piece) drawing provides detailed information for fabrication.
* The pipe spool drawings are divided into three major areas: graphics area, bill of material area, and title block area. The pipe piece drawings generated are:
Not to scale
Automatically dimensioned (associative)
With item numbering
With material description
With pipe bending data
With a list of pipe pieces