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About Pipe Drawings in Spec-Driven Piping
Spec-Driven Piping allows you to create drawings of your piping systems. Drawings enable you to effectively communicate piping system layout and details to piping professionals who fabricate piping materials and assemble piping systems.
Spec-Driven Piping provides an interface to Isometric Drawing Generation (ISOGEN). Using the Generate Isometric dialog box ( Drawing), you can export material and geometrical information from a Spec-Driven Piping model to .pcf ISOGEN files. These files enable you to generate Isometric pipe drawings using an Isometric Drawing Generation (ISOGEN) application.
Spec-Driven Piping also allows you to create drawings for pipe insulations, pipe bend notes, pipe centerlines, and so on, when you set certain drawing setup options. For more details on these drawing setup options, refer to the Detailed Drawings Online Help.