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Customizing the Piping System Tree
The Piping System Tree is fully customizable.
Customizing the Piping System Tree gives you the flexibility to display and organize your piping projects in the following ways:
Reorganize pipelines—Reorganize pipelines in multiple ways by setting the piping_system_tree_format configuration option to modify categories.
Modify the column display—Display informational columns and select items to display in these Piping System Tree columns.
You can also open a separate Piping System Tree window.
To Reorganize Pipelines
1. Click File > Options > Configuration Editor. The configuration options display.
2. Find the piping_system_tree_format configuration option in the list, or click Add.
3. Type the name in the Option name box.
4. In the Option value box, type one or any combination of the following values along with any ASCII characters (default is MNEMONIC):
As an example, the MNEMONIC-SPECIFICATION combination groups all pipelines according to fluid carried and piping specification.