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Configuring Piping
You can set environment options by specifying config.pro configuration file options and their values in the Options dialog box (File > Options > Configuration Editor). For example, you can modify piping design modes, pipeline formats, file names and directory locations, and configure the piping ISOGEN interface.
* It is recommended that you set the configuration options before starting or opening a new piping assembly.
Piping provides a list of configuration options arranged in alphabetical order. Each option contains the following information:
Configuration option name
Default and available variables or values. The default value is followed by an asterisk (*).
Brief description and notes describing the configuration option
ISOGEN Configuration Options
Piping allows you to create isometric pipeline drawings by providing an isometric drawing generation (ISOGEN) interface. Using the Generate Isometric dialog box ( Drawing), you can create ISOGEN .pcf files for use with an ISOGEN drawing tool. The following configuration options must be set in the piping config.pro file to use the ISOGEN interface:
Many configuration options are common to both the Spec-Driven and Non-Spec Driven piping modes.
After you set the configuration options, all settings take effect immediately in the current Creo Parametric session.
All the configuration options for which you specify numeric values will use the units of the active piping assembly.
The Symbol Map, Endtype Map, and Nominal Size ISOGEN Map files are required to map the piping component information to ISOGEN component information.