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Piping System Tree
The Piping System Tree allows you to control how the pipeline is displayed. This tree-based interface organizes all pipelines in the active assembly and its subassemblies by piping system (categories) and orders pipelines according to their names. The ability to include all subassemblies in the Piping System Tree streamlines the pipeline display process. This ability is especially important if you create pipelines based on the "one pipeline per assembly" modeling method.
The Piping System Tree does the following:
Displays all pipelines in the top-level assembly and its subassemblies.
Organizes pipelines in a collapsible or expandable hierarchy according to the value assigned to the piping_system_tree_format configuration option. The pipelines are grouped according to the mnemonic, by default. This organization of pipelines provides a clear and intuitive visual representation of the piping project and allows immediate piping system recognition and pipeline selection. For example, you can group and display all water pipes or all specification 12A pipelines.
Allows for efficient pipeline selection. You can quickly select pipelines and perform the required tasks.
* Unlike the Model Tree, you cannot use the Piping System Tree to sequentially reorder the pipelines and assembly components.
To Access the Piping System Tree
1. Open or create a piping assembly.
2. Click Applications > Piping. The Piping System Tree opens. From the Piping System Tree, you can select pipelines and display modes. Click Pipeline View to switch between the pipeline view and the spool view.
* The sequence of the components displayed is based on the direction of flow of the network.
To Highlight Pipelines
1. Click and select the Highlight Geometry check box.
2. Select pipelines from Piping System Tree. The selected pipelines are highlighted in the Piping System Tree and in the Graphics window.
3. Clear the Highlight Geometry check box to turn off the highlighting of pipes in the Graphics window.
To Select Pipelines
1. Click Pipeline View. The Piping System Tree opens.
2. Select one of the following:
PIPING SYSTEM TREE—Selects all pipelines in the top level assembly including those in the subassemblies.
Piping System (Category)—Selects all pipelines in the piping system. For example, if a piping system is configured for MNEMONIC and you select STEAM, all steam pipelines in the top level assembly are selected.
Pipeline—Selects one pipeline.
You can also select individual pipelines in the Graphics window.