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To Convert to 3D Annotation Element
1. Open an assembly or part with multiple features.
2. Click Annotate > Show Annotations. The Show Annotations dialog box opens.
3. Select a feature or component from the Model Tree or graphics window. The different tabs in the Show Annotations dialog box get populated with temporary annotations for the selected feature.
—Lists the dimensions
—Lists the geometric tolerances
—Lists the notes
—Lists the surface finish symbols
—Lists the custom symbols
—Lists the datum axes and set datums
For example, if you select a standard hole feature the , , and tabs are populated with driving dimensions, temporary note annotation, and datum axis respectively.
4. Select the check boxes in the Show column corresponding to the annotations you need to convert or click to select all. Click to deselect all.
5. Click Apply. The selected annotations are listed in the 3D Detail Tree and assigned to the active combined view.
* A datum axis is not converted to a set datum axis and is not visible in the 3D Detail Tree. However, if you modify the properties of the datum axis to convert it to a set datum axis, the datum axis is assigned to a combined view and is visible in the 3D Detail Tree.