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To Place Surface Finish Symbols
While creating a Surface Finish Annotation, after selecting reference surfaces, that is, surfaces that you want the Surface Finish symbol to represent, you must specify the placement of the Surface Finish Annotation symbol.
1. In the Surface Finish dialog box, select the placement type from the Type list in the Placement box.
With Leaders—Select to attach the symbol to model surfaces using leaders.
On Entity—Select to attach the symbol directly to a surface of the model.
Normal to Entity—Select to attach the symbol directly to a surface of the model such that it is normal to the surface.
Free—Select to place the symbol without attaching it to model geometry.
2. For With Leaders attachment, select one or several locations on model surfaces to attach the leaders by holding down the CTRL key and selecting them. Middle-click at the required location in the graphics window to place the symbol. A leader is generated for each selected location. For On Entity and Normal to Entity attachments, select a point on a surface of the model. For Free, select a location for the symbol anywhere in the graphics window.
* When you select With Leaders, On Entity, or Normal to Entity attachments, you can select points on those surfaces that have been selected as references.
3. If you want to move the symbol, click Move. Move the pointer to the new location and click to place the symbol in the new location or middle-click to cancel the move operation.
4. Click OK when finished.