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About Surface Finish Tolerances
Surface finish is a measure of the deviation of a part surface from its normal value. In Creo Parametric, you can specify the roughness of the surface in micrometers or microinches in the range of 0.001 through 2000. Surface finish can be associated with any model surface. As geometric tolerances, surface finish symbols represent annotations and do not affect model geometry. Surface finish symbols can be included in Annotation features.
A surface can have only one surface finish tolerance associated with it.
You can add surface finish symbols to a model using standard surface finish symbols available in Detailed Drawings, or you can create your own surface finish symbols. If you have a Detailed Drawings license, you can define surface finish symbols on a part. These symbols will appear in the associated drawings of the part, and vice versa.
You can also gain access to a set of standard surface finish symbols that you can attach to edges, and dimensions. In Assembly mode, you can create surface finish symbols on surfaces created by assembly features (holes, cuts, and slots).