Creo NC Sheetmetal > Turret Manager > Tool Setup > Tool Path > To Optimize the Tool Path Manually
To Optimize the Tool Path Manually
Any portions of the tool path that are not automatically optimized can be optimized manually using the Adjust Path functionality.
1. From the NC Seq tabbed page, click Optimize > Redefine. The SMM Optimize dialog box opens.
2. Select a set to optimize from the Optsets list.
3. Click Adjust Path. The following options are available:
Remove Duplicated Hits—Remove duplicated hits from the tool path.
Remove Duplicated Cut Lines — Remove duplicate cut lines from the tool path.
Remove Hits—Removes hits from the tool path using the REMOVE HITS dialog box.
Reverse NC Seq—Select NC sequence tool paths to reverse direction of the whole path.
CL Command—Opens the SMM CL COMMAND dialog box. This enables you to insert CL commands at selected hits.
4. From the SMM Optimize dialog box, click OK.