Creo NC Sheetmetal > Interactive Path Control > To Manipulate Optimization Sets
To Manipulate Optimization Sets
1. Click NC Seq in the SMT MFG MACHINING dialog box.
2. Click Optimize > Create or Optimize > Redefine. The SMM Optimize dialog box opens.
3. Use one or more of the following options to create and modify optimization sets:
Remove Duplicated Hits—Removes duplicate punches in the tool path.
Remove Duplicated Cut Lines—Removes duplicate laser cuts in the tool path.
Create—Defines a new optimization set.
Delete—Deletes a previously defined optimization set.
Modify—Modifies an existing optimization set using the OPTIMIZE SET EDIT dialog box.
Reverse—Reverses the order of a selected optimization set.
Order—Reorders a selected optimization set.
Adjust Path—Manually optimizes any portions of the tool path that are not automatically optimized.
Remove Hits—Selects hits using the REMOVE HITS dialog box. The selected hits are removed from the tool path.
Reverse NC Seq—Selects a tool path to reverse the NC sequence.
CL Command—Opens the SMM CL COMMAND dialog box to adjust the tool path.