Creo NC Sheetmetal > Interactive Path Control > To Create an Optimization Set
To Create an Optimization Set
1. From the NC Seq tabbed page, click Optimize > Create. The SMM Optimize dialog box opens.
2. Click Create. Click Punch Optset or Contour Optset. The OPTIMIZE SET EDIT dialog box opens. The dialog box lists NC sequence information and contains the following options:
—Specify hits to include in the optimization set.
—Specify hits to exclude from the optimization set.
—Select hits by using the mouse on the screen.
—Select hits by using the mouse in the editor window.
Tool—Select all hits a certain tool performs (the tool names are listed in a selection menu).
Part—Select all hits to machine a certain reference part. Use the GET SELECT menu options to select the part.
Type—Select all hits that belong to a certain NC sequence type. The NCS TYPES menu lists all Punch Press NC sequence types. Select the type you want.
—Select all hits.
3. Click Done to finish defining the optimization set.