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About Optimizing the Operation Tool Path
The Optimize option in the NC Seq tabbed page enables you to interactively optimize the tool path for a whole operation:
You can optimize different portions of the operation tool path using different rules.
The rules for automatic optimization include:
Specifying the starting position for each set
Minimizing tool change and tool rotations
Minimizing tool travel
Removing duplicate hits and cut lines
The operation tool path can be sorted by:
Order of creation of NC sequences
Tool order
Part order
Any portions of the tool path that are not automatically optimized can be optimized manually using the Adjust Path functionality.
If a Populate feature has been created, Optimize operates on the result produced by Populate. It is therefore automatically reordered to come after Populate in the workpiece feature sequence.
The Rules and Order Seqs options are mutually exclusive. If you select Order after the tool path has been optimized using Rules, you are prompted it you want to delete the rules, and visa versa.