Creo NC Sheetmetal > Slitting NC Sequences > To Create a Slitting NC Sequence
To Create a Slitting NC Sequence
1. In the SMT MFG MACHINING dialog box, click NC Seq.
2. Click New > Slitting. The SMT NC SEQUENCE dialog box opens.
3. Select one or more of the following options from the SMT NC SEQUENCE dialog box:
Name— Specify a name for the NC sequence. This name replaces the default NC sequence name.
Parameters—Specify manufacturing parameters.
Comment—Specify comments about the NC sequence.
UD Pprint—Specify user defined PPrint statement
Info—Display a summary of the NC sequence and parameter information.
Next—Go to the next NC sequence and not Slitting NC Sequence.
Preview—View the NC sequence using the SMT MFG NCL PLAYER.
4. To define a tool for the Slitting NC Sequence, select Tool in the SMT NC SEQUENCE dialog box and click Define. The TURRET MANAGER and TOOL SETUP dialog boxes open.
5. Select the Laser type of tool and click Done.
6. Select Cut Lines in the SMT NC SEQUENCE dialog box and click Define. The SMM SLIT DEFINE dialog box opens.
7. Specify cut lines to slit the scrap material.
Use the following to provide details about the cutting lines along which the laser slitting should occur:
Cut Axis—Defines the slitting lines orientation along the x- or y-axis.
Stock Allow—Specifies the permissible amount of stock distance. The slitting occurs at the specified distance away from the cut parts. This is to avoid any damage to the cut parts.
Definition—Defines the cut lines to create a slitting tool path. You can define the cut lines by using by number, manually, or by offset.
The default is by number. In the Numbers of slits box, type a value to specify the number of cut lines. A Slitting NC Sequence is created with the specified number of equally spaced cut lines.
To define the offset distance between cut lines, select by offset in the Definition box. Type a value in the Offset between slits box to specify the distance between the cut lines. A Slitting NC Sequence is created with the specified offset distance between consecutive cut lines and from the first edge of the sheet. The number of cut lines are calculated based on the specified offset distance and the sheet size.
To specify cut lines at the desired locations on the sheet, select manually in the Definition box. A table appears at the bottom of the SMM SLIT DEFINE dialog box listing each cut line to be created. Specify details about the cut line and the offset distance between each of them in the table.
Use the thumbwheel to adjust the value. Use or to add or remove items, respectively, from the table. Click OK.
8. Select Scan Type in the SMT NC SEQUENCE dialog box and click Define.The SMM SCAN TYPE dialog box opens.
9. Define a direction for the slitting tool path scan using the following options:
Move Directions—Specifies the scan direction while slitting.
One—Scans in one direction only while slitting.
Both—Scans in both directions while slitting.
Start Corner—Select a corner for starting the scan for slitting.
10. If required, click CL Command and click Define. This inserts new CL commands at the selected points.
11. Click Done.