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About NC Post Processing
NCPOST is a post-processor generation system designed for end users having no software programming expertise. It can accommodate various flame contouring, laser contouring, wire edm, punch press, lathe and mill machine types that have up to five axes of continuous path control.
Use the QUEST facility to create a full representation of a numerically controlled (NC) machine and its controller. QUEST stores this information in a database that can be used by GENER.
GENER uses the information about the NC machine to convert the points and vectors of a cutter location (CL) file into the joint locations and machine codes of an NC control tape file.
The principal input for GENER is the CL file generated by Sheet Metal Manufacturing. GENER can post-process a CL file for any NC machine in the your database. The MACHIN can be used to select the post-processor, or a post-processor explicitly requested. In either case, GENER gets all necessary information about the NC machine from the database.
GENER outputs an NC control tape file that is ready for either punching to paper tape, or transmission to the NC machine via DNC network. Other software controls the actual transmission process. GENER also outputs a verification list that the NC programmer can use to check for problems, and the NC machine operator can use to follow the progress of the program.