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About Tool Manager Within Turret Manager
The Tool Manager, which is part of the TURRET MANAGER, is used to control tools of a workcell turret. Options associated with Tool Manager perform the following general functions.
Switch the TURRET MANAGER dialog box between Tool and Station setup environments.
Access a tool catalog.
Define a tool shape.
Define a tool shape using the following options:
Retrieve Shape—Retrieves a tool parameter file.
Create Shape—Creates a tool shape with Sketcher.
Modify Shape—Modifies a tool shape.
Rename Shape—Renames a tool shape.
Save Shape—Saves a tool shape.
Shape Prompts—Sets up user defined prompts for the shapes dimensions.
Create—Creates a new tool.
Copy—Copies the selected tool.
Delete—Deletes the selected tool.
Where Used—Shows a report indicating where the tool is used in the NC sequence.
Customize List—Customizes the information window.
Load Tool—Loads a tool into a station.
Reload Tool—Reloads a tool into a station.
Unload Tool—Unloads a tool into a station.
Station List—Opens the station setup environment.
Sorts tool order in the list by holder, tool name, tool type, tool usage, area, station, or orientation.
Searches and retrieves tools from the tool catalog.