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To Place a Template
Once you have created a template for a certain feature type, you can machine features of this type by applying the template. You have to define the feature before you apply a template to it.
1. Click Machining > Place Template.
The system opens the browser window listing all template files in the directory specified by the configuration option mfg_template_dir, or, if not set, in the current directory.
2. Select the template file in the browser window.
3. Select the feature name in the Select Feature dialog box. As you place the cursor over a feature name in the dialog box, the appropriate geometry is highlighted on the screen. Click OK.
4. If the template was created using the Prompt for a tool option, the system prompts you to select or define a cutting tool.
If the template was created using the Specify a tool option, and the cutting tool does not exists on the machine tool currently in use, the system issues an error message and aborts placing the template. Define the appropriate cutting tool and apply the template again.
Once the template is successfully placed, the system creates the appropriate tool path and removes the stock material corresponding to the feature geometry.