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To Manipulate Features Using the Model Tree
You can manipulate existing features, for example, redefine or delete them, directly from the Model Tree window by using a pop-up menu. For machining features, this pop-up menu also provides the options of creating a tool path or placing a template; and for tool paths, the options of displaying the tool path on the screen or outputting it to a file.
To manipulate a feature from the Model Tree:
1. Select the feature name in the Model Tree window.
If you select a machining feature, the system highlights the feature geometry on the screen. If you select an operation, the system highlights the geometry of all the machining features that belong to this operation.
2. Click the right mouse button.
The system opens a pop-up menu. The options in this menu correspond to the type of selected feature.
3. Select the desired option.
The system starts the appropriate user interface.