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About the Template Manager
If your company has certain frequently used machining strategies, you can streamline the machining process by creating templates corresponding to these machining strategies, and then applying the right template when machining a feature.
A machining strategy is a way to machine a feature: it contains all the machining options and values that you would normally define in a machining dialog box (such as Pocket Milling or Step Milling), as well as all the tool path properties. It can also contain the name of the tool to use, or prompt for the tool at the time you apply the template.
A template may contain one or more strategies for machining the same type of feature. Once you define the strategies (by selecting the desired options and typing values, as needed), save the template. Then, once you have created a feature in Expert Machinist, you can machine it by applying an existing template.
Template Manager is a separate application, which can be run from within Expert Machinist or as a stand-alone. Before you can run the Template Manager, your system administrator has to download the appropriate JRE files and do the setup according to the instructions on the Customer Web page.
To start the Template Manager, do one of the following:
Click Machining > Setup > Template Manager.
In the system window, type the name of the Template Manager executable:
where loadpoint is the Creo Parametric load point.
You can also create a template by machining a feature and then saving the machining strategy, as it is defined by the selected options and specified values, as a template.
To save the current machining strategy as a template from the machining dialog box, click next to the Tool Path Name text box and specify the template name.