To Place Textures
You can place the map textures using the Appearance Editor, Appearances Manager, and Model Appearance Editor dialog boxes.
1. On the View tab, click the arrow below Appearances to open the appearance gallery. You can place a texture using one of the following ways:
Select the required appearance from the My Appearances, right-click, and select Edit. Select an appearance from the Library palette, right-click, and select New. The Appearance Editor dialog box opens.
Click More Appearances to create a new appearance and place a texture. The Appearance Editor dialog box opens.
Click Appearances Manager to open the Appearances Manager dialog box.
Select the required appearance from the Model palette, right-click, and select Edit, or click Edit Model Appearances. The Model Appearance Editor dialog box opens.
Edit Model Appearances is not available if the model does not have an appearance other than the default appearance applied. You cannot modify the default appearance. However, you can make a copy of the default appearance for modification.
2. On the Texture, Bump, and Decal tabs, select the Image or Procedural Image from the boxes.
3. Change the bump height, scale, and rotation angle, as needed.
4. Click Close. The Appearances icon is updated. The Select dialog box appears.
5. Select the surface on which you want to place the texture and click OK in the Select dialog box.