To Add an Option to the Menu Manager
You add menu items to the Menu Manager by using a file. To add an item, use the setbutton command.
1. Open a new or existing file.
2. Edit the file by adding a line in one of the following formats:
setbutton menuname menuitem "ActionDefinition" "ShortHelp"
setbutton menuname menuitem "ActionDefinition"
The elements of these definitions are as follows:
Menuname—Menu title. It is usually, but not always, the same as that shown in the title box at the top of a menu. To be absolutely sure of what the menuname is, enable the configuration file option button_name_in_help. As you place the cursor over a menu option, the associated menuname and menuitem is shown in the status bar. If the title consists of more than one word, substitute # for spaces in the menuname (for example, set#up for set up).
Menuitem—Name of the new menu option, as you want it to appear in the menu. If the option consists of more than one word, substitute # for spaces in the menuitem (for example, shade#obj for shade obj).
ActionDefinition—Sequence of menu picks, dialog-box picks and user input to be activated by the new option. The syntax for the ActionDefinition is the same as that for keyboard macros. When a setbutton definition does not fit in one line, type [\<CR] (backslash carriage-return) and continue on the following line. The total length of a setbutton definition must be fewer than 250 characters.
ShortHelp—Text string used as one-line help for the new menu option. If omitted (when the second format is used), the default string User defined action is used for one-line help.