Rules for Setting Default Menu Manager Options
When setting default Menu Manager menu options using, be aware of the following points:
To avoid creating serious problems consider what result setting a certain menu default may produce. Always remember what menu items the file has set as defaults. For example, setting Create as the default choice for the Feature menu results in a continuous loop of feature creation, which can only be stopped by exiting the Creo Parametric session.
Setting a certain drawing size as the default for the DWG SIZE menu is another example of a dangerous choice. That drawing size is automatically selected whenever a drawing is created, and could easily lead to a drawing being completed on the wrong size sheet before the mistake is realized.
The system default directory <loadpoint>/text is searched first, then the current working directory. If a menu default entry has already been defined for a particular menu in, any conflicting definitions in the local file are ignored.
You cannot set menu defaults for compound menus.
Insert only one space between a menuname and the menuitem specified as its default.
The entries you make in the file are case insensitive.
If during runtime a user-defined menu default is inaccessible, it is ignored at that moment. If the same menu name is used in the file twice, the later entry overrides the earlier one. The system does not report any error messages for incorrect menu defaults.