Rules for Adding Options to the Menu Manager
You cannot use setbutton to modify existing Creo Parametric menu options (that is, menu items existing in the system menu files).
Make sure that the user-defined item name is unique among all items on the screen at any given moment, and that all commands referenced in ActionDefinition are accessible at the moment of action execution. For example, if you shade the object (see the example below) in Drawing mode, it will fail.
When you are using a user-defined menu option in another setbutton definition or a keyboard macro, remember to change the # characters, if any, back to spaces.
The maximum number of characters in menuitem permitted by the system is 19. You may want to use only 12 characters to fit in the standard Creo Parametric menu, or modify your menu width.
You must enter menuitem and ShortHelp exactly as they appear on the screen. The elements for menuname are case insensitive. ActionDefinition is case insensitive except for keyboard input.